Zip Hinge Benefits

Zip Hinge - Features and Benefits

  1. Assures your gutter downspout extension stays firmly attached to your gutter system while protecting your home's foundation.  
  2. Provides the homeowner the ability to move the gutter downspout extension to a vertical position while doing various outdoor tasks i.e. gardening, mowing, edging, landscaping, mulching, etc.

Independently from the apparent reasons...benefits, value and convenience of being able to lift your downspout extension in a vertical position, there is a substantial constant threat to your home’s foundation. When not having your gutter downspout extension securely attached it has an inability to divert water away from the home, resulting in damage.

Your gutter systems downspout is arguably the #1 most important integral part of this system. Gutter downspouts move water out of the gutter system and away from the home's substructure and landscaping. When a gutter downspout extension is not properly connected and/or fastened it compromises the entire system. Water can and will often times trickle into the home's foundation, basement and cause serious damage to the building’s landscaping and footing.

Professional rehab or repair estimates for cleaning a flooded basement range anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. The real problem is that most homeowners’ insurance will only cover disasters, and typically will not cover damage occurring from failure to perform routine maintenance.

DIY Installation

The Zip Hinge is a perfect Do It Yourself (DIY) product/project because it is quick and easy to install!  The Zip Hinge requires absolutely no skill whatsoever and Installation takes 1-2 minutes max!

Save Time!

Zip Hinge is great when doing all types of yard work and lawn improvement projects - mowing, edging, landscaping, gardening, mulching, flowering, planting, etc. The Zip Hinge gives you the ability to flip your gutter downspout extension vertically so you can move freely around when working.  

Potential Risks Of Not Having A Zip Hinge

  • Foundation and/or Substructure Damage
  • Basement Flooding & Potential Mold Growth
  • Landscape Damage
  • Personal Injury
  • Downspout Extension Replacement Cost


  • Mowing Around Your Gutter Downspout Extension
  • Shoveling Around Your Gutter Downspout Extension
  • Edging Around Your Gutter Downspout Extension
  • Gardening Around Your Gutter Downspout Extension
  • Planting Around Your Gutter Downspout Extension
  • Landscaping Around Your Gutter Downspout Extension

Zip Hinge

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to Install (DIY)
  • Reliable
  • Manufacture Lifetime Warranty

Common Install & Repair Costs

*National Average
  • Foundation Repair $4479
  • Patio or Pathway Repair $1565
  • Mold Removal $2000-$4000
  • Lawn Re-sloping $1940
  • Install Landscaping $3966
  • Install Sod $2023
  • Install Turf $4768
  • Install Drain $3737
  • Install Turf $4768
  • Install Lanscape Curbing $1405
  • Deliver Soil, Mulch or Rocks $866

National Average Fuel Costs 

*Variable Costs

  • Regular Grade ~$3.64*
  • Mid Grade ~$3.83*
  • Premium Grade ~$4.01*
  • Diesel ~$3.93*

Product Replacement Costs 

  • 2x3 Aluminum Downspout ~$8.87 per piece
  • 3x4 Aluminum Downspout ~$12.56 per piece
  • PVC Downspout ~$5.96-$11.87 per piece

    (Non-Zip Hinge) Repair Cost Formula

    + Gas*
    + Downspout Replacement Cost*
    + Elbow Replacement Cost*
    + Accessory Cost* (zip screws)
    + Tools* (snips)
    + Your Time* (x=Transportation + Waiting in checkout line + Installation)
    Your Total Cost = x

    *Chances are you will have to do the above repairs many times over 

    Zip Hinge Cost Formula

    + Zip Hinge (includes: 9 Zip Screws and 1 Clasp)
    + Your Time (x = Placing Order: 30 seconds + Installation: 60 seconds)
    - Gas-Zero
    - Shipping (free)
    - Downspout Replacement Cost
    - Elbow Replacement Cost
    Your Total Cost = x