Will the Zip Hinge fit various downspout sizes?

One Zip Hinge (two separate pieces), each individually screwed into the side and top of the downspout extension. Because of this unique and patents pending design, the Zip Hinge can fit a downspout of any size – 2×3″, 3×3″ and 3×4″ – residential or commercial.

Can I buy the Zip Hinge in bulk?

Yes! Hinges are currently sold 12 hinges to a bag and 20 bags per box. *Contact us if you are interested in bulk buys.

Are zip screws provided with the hinges?

Yes! Zip Screws come free with the Zip Hinge (9 per pack)

What equipment do I need to properly install the Zip Hinge?

One two-piece Zip Hinge per downspout, tin/aluminum snips, power drill with a 1/4″ hex bit. Installation Video

Is there any equipment available to keep the downspout extension locked in an upright position?

Yes, a clasp to hold the downspout extension in the vertical position is included but in most cases not necessary. If desired, install 3/4 of an inch above the raised position of the downspout extension using a zip screw. Zip Hinge Installation Guide

Where can I purchase the Zip Hinge?

The Zip Hinge can not be found in any big box retail outlets. You can find it at TheGutterNinja.com and on Amazon


Please email us if you have any additional questions.